Happy Birthday Hat for a Ninety Year Celebration!

Happy Birthday Hat for a Ninety Year Celebration!

Red Wall 18 x 11 1/2"

Red Wall 18 x 11 1/2″

Kitchen Still Lifes 

Sketchbook color push. “ImageJasmin and Her Tiger”  The paperwhites are starting to fall open in their cycle. Hot sauce, honey mugs and sage.


22x30" Cut paper

22×30″ Cut paper

DSC02990 Curvy detail quantum fieldLiving on a sphere do we appreciate the many curves in our lives? Maybe not. We often think straight.  Lines are in our minds. Short straight lines. The shorter the line the straighter it might be. Perhaps we only know the straight direct way where another direction can be achieved by a dependable 90degree turn.

Embrace the curve line, the loop the circumference the orbit the arch. Take it to heart the way we circle toward and retreat from. Our bodies are full of curves and move by making curvy motions. We are swinging our arms and legs and hips and shoulders; responding beautifully to the undulating ground we are walking on. Moving in curves around all the angular spaces we find ourselves in.

We love in curves. We turn our heads to look,  start an orbiting pattern to observe and slowly move in closer. Tentatively we reach out to make contact feel the pull of another body’s gravity. Exploring the surface and edge of an existing understanding we meet new topography and curious about the differences in this new landscape, we discover another world. We tend to things we love. Touching patting, stroking, holding we do it all with the vocabulary of curves. Making relationships with curves.

We learn in curves. Our curiosity pulls us away from an existing direction and we fall toward an interest. We check it out and want to find out more. Taking this interest’s influence with us we move to another space to collect and compare this understanding with our new interest. We push ourselves toward the finding. Looking for more perspectives we circle and ask, try another higher orbit and question again. All to  make creative connections and new new discoveries about this time and place in the space of our lives.

We lean into the curve, we change our direction by where we look. We head where we are paying attention to. We lean into a direction and our bodies move toward it. effortlessly intuitive.


Meg-FinalIts snowing outside and Im thinking about the white covering everything from my window. Coming into a white out.

Remembering the dinner in Puerto Rico with George, Aline, Sam, Ramon and Honor. We drank wine in the kitchen as the birds sang outside.